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Although Christian had been a certified riding instructor in Germany, his method didn't necessarily translate to the American riding and showing culture when he first arrived. Not only was the language a barrier, he learned right away that a large portion of the business in the United States revolves around the hunter discipline and equitation. Hunter classes do not exist in Germany.


He came here with a background in training upper level jumpers and learned right away how to cater to a larger clientele that includes a lot of different levels of riders with different goals.


Rogge attends about 25 horse shows per year including around ten events at his home facility, the Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, Texas. A couple of times a year he travels to Germany to look at prospective horses. But it's the non-stop, sunrise-to-sunset horse lifestyle that he enjoys.


There is, however, another sport in Rogge's life that rivals his passion for horses: he's a soccer freak. He admits to having every channel you can subscribe to so he can watch games held around the world.


But make no mistake, this transplated German has his roots firmly planted in Texas soil.  Christian married Hailey Henderson in 2016.

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